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Exclamation !┐wanted┐!

I'm 15 and i'm going to tech school this year half at tech half at my high school and want some pratice with small engines. It doesn't have to be a mower a chainsaw, weedwacker, or even a riding mower i will expect. I want anything i recvice not to run at all or run not very good. I live in the St. Louis area so it has to be in that area. Thanks. e-mail me at [email protected] or aim me at stlstreetracer07
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the best thing to do is to go to a local junkyard and get you an old lawnmower and fix it up. i am 14 and i am going into computers and either a tech school,college,or both. you never know, some junkyards may give you a lawnmower really cheap or free so it is worth a shot. good luck.
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Hello. I have been going to a votech school for over 2 years now and all though I am going for diesel mechanics, I have worked on my share of mowers. One thing that is nice about vo-tech schools is that they get mowers and other equipment that have been used and abused and you get every type of problem out there. It is suprising how many people give away mowers cause the carburetor needs to be cleaned, or a flywheel key needs to be changed. Also, I have met a LOT of students that go to high school and votech school like you do. From what I have seen, here are some tips that might help you out. First, don't act like you are an expert, and second, do everything the teacher tells you to do. I don't know what type of person you are, but I figured I would mention these two things anyway cause it is two major problems that I see get repeated every year by just about every person. Good luck with your schooling and if you have any questions vo-tech related, feel free to ask me. Vo-tech schools are a great place to start out and get a feel for what you abilities and interests are. By the way, do you plan on completing the course and getting a job in that field??????

P.S. I would love to hear how your class is opperated. Do they furnish the tools or do you have too? Is most of the class actual class time or hands on shop time? How long does the course last? What do ya'll work on? Do ya'll each have your own project or is there one class project?
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Go to your local lawnmower shop, tell them your story and I'll bet they'll set you up with all the abused mowers you'd like...I do just that alot here at my shop. Beware though that scrapped mowers from a shop usually have severe damage but it certainly will be a good learning experience.
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thanks alot guys for your help

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