Help problem with Tecumesh TVS90 engine


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Help problem with Tecumesh TVS90 engine

I picked up a Cut Master lawn mower at a yard sale.
Here are the specs of the lawn mower

Master Cut ( Ward model I believe)
Tecumseh Priemer
Engine # TVS90 43605F Ser 80058A

It did not seem to be into bad of condition. It was a little hard to start and it clanked a little when first started bu the noise went away at higher rpm s.

Anyway I bought it and used it for few week. Then one day I went to start it and the recoil cord was riped from my hand when I went to start it. Also there was a clanking noise from under the deck. Upon investigation I found the blade hub was cracked, it had apparently been partly broken for a long time due to the difference in the color of the old area and new break area.

Anyway I went to the lawn mower repair shop got a new hub but also found out that I probably had a broken flywheel key but I could not get that a the time due to the various keys used in the engine. I did go back to the lawn mower shop with the old key and got a new one.

So I put everything back together and started up the engine. It ran for about 20-30 second and then died. It did this every time I started it. Then I found if I move the governor lever forward it would run. I loosen the screw on the lever and advance the lever slightly forward. However now it does not seem to have a much power as before I fixed the machine.

Any ideas as to what might be wrong? Could items that were broken effected the governor? So should I look else where for the solution?
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It is more likely that if the carb was removed during the repairs, that the linkage and or springs were not re-installed correctly or in the right spot. Here is an online manual for Tecumseh engines (General)
Starting on page 30 gives you information on govenors including adjustment. If you have adjusted the lever, set it back according to the manual, then troubleshoot any problems from there. I suppose with the cracked hub, there may be some internal damage, I would think though that if internal parts of the govenor were damaged by whatever cracked the hub, that other internal parts would also be damaged.
The manual also has some good troubleshooting flow charts, once the govenor is set see what you have and refer to the manual and post back here.
One particular thing to check also is the spring that hooks to the lever, if it has been stretched or deformed it will need to be replaced. If in ? see if your mower shop has a new one and compare it to the old one.
If you wind up back at the same problem you may find that it is carb related and not govenor related.

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