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Lightbulb Lawn Mower Question


I have a Briggs and Stratton 4.5 Hp mower and had a question regarding gas. The manual says that I should not uses gas from over 30 days. I have some gas that has been there for 40 days is it okay to use or should I heed to the manual??? Also, how often should I get my blades sharpened???


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Gasoline is kinda like milk, if it smells okay, I still use it. Old gas smells different, probably because all the good stuff evaporated out or the homoginizing wore off. As to sharpening blades, I sharpen them as needed. Look at your freshly cut grass up close, hands and knees close. Are the blades neatly sliced off? or does it look like something chewed it off? Dull blades don't cut as much as they just break the grass off. That is the time to sharpen.
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30 days sounds absurd to me, especially with the current gas prices. I would say gas from the current season at the least and known to not be contaminated, IE: you filled it and it has been stored so as not to allow contamination, water, dirt or other foreign substances, should be safe. It may be more important at the begining of the season to use fresh gas. Personally I have used gas even oil mixed fuel from up to 2 yrs old. Again I know how my fuel is stored.
As for your blades it mostly depends on how the mower is used. Most important is to have any big knicks, chunks or cracks removed. If you mow where occasionaly rocks, limbs, pine cones mole hills....are encountered a more blunt edge will hold out longer, if you keep a more manacured lawn then a finer edge would be better.
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Generally, unstabilized fuel will be good and volatile for only about 90-120 days. This also depends on where exactly you keep your fuel supply stored. A cool, dry basement is best...but not the safest by any means. Thirty days old is absolutely safe to use. I highly recommend using a fuel stabilizer regularly in your fuel supply. That way you will likely be able to use it one season to the next without trouble. Furthermore, I recommend having only 4 month's worth of gasoline around...don't buy five gallons at a time if you only use two quarts a week.
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Thanks for the replies guys! Would this also apply to my Gas Edger, which uses an oil/gas mixture?? Where can I get a fuel stabilizer??

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I guess it's time for my 2 cents worth. I fix a fair amount of small motors and such and all I have in my shop is a 1 gallon jerry can of gas...why? Like Puey said fuel nowadays does not stay stable very long if it isn't stored in an appropriate area. So I am replenishing my gas stock quite often. I've come across many customers that have brought me their mowers, tillers, blowers etc. and said the fuel was good. I go ahead and do the tuneup but the motor still won't run the way it should, I've disposed of the fuel, put fresh in, cleaned the carb (if needed) and voila the motor runs 100% better. The first thing I tell customers now is if they have (fresh in their opinion ) fuel in their machines, I am still going to dispose of it and run fuel that I know is fresh. When the fuel is older than 30 days, put it in your car or truck, You'll be mixing it with probably 8 to 14 gallons of fuel and you will not have any problem so the gas really isn't going to waste.
One other thing is only get as much fuel as you can use....what I mean by this is if you have just a lawnmower and a trimmer, a 1 gallon gas can is more than sufficient, given the size of an average yard, that will probably take you through half the summer.
Fuel stabilizer is a must these days...Up here in Canada I go to my local small dealer (Yetman's Ltd) and buy it all the time (one package treats 2 1/2 gallons of fuel) plus I buy extra packets to give to my customers. It can usually be purchased at your local small motor or lawn mower dealer. If you have trouble getting this then just PM me and I will see what I can do for you.
As for the blade sharpening, I recommend every spring and my reasoning is with the amount of grass that is cut, stones that are hit and so on, it will get dull. You always want to cut your grass not tear it. You wouldn't cut your hair with dull scissors now would you?
Okay it wasn't 2 cents worth but maybe a nickels worth.


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I store my gas in a cool area in a shed in my basement. Can I use a fuel stabilizer with my oil/gas mixture??

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I hope you meant in a shed near your basement. If you have a furnace or water heater in the basement, you are asking for big trouble.
You can pick up fuel stabilizer at any auto parts store or auto section of most big box stores and you can use it with a gas / oil mix. I add it to the gas I use for the weed trimmer, snow blower, chain saw, mower, tiller, and motorcycle. Man, I have too many toys.
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I meant to say a shed in my garage....Thanks!


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