peerless transaxle question


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peerless transaxle question

I have two peerless transaxles, one is model number 205-024C and the other looks just like it from around the same year mower. Over the years both have gotten slower and slower until now they will not hardly move. Drive belt has been replaced and linkage adjusted so there is no reverse, all power is applied to forward but they are painfully slow. I have read about changing oil and drain plugs and what not but the closest thing I see on these transaxles is a plate secured by 4 "torx" type screws. I found a VST OIL KIT (Tecumseh part no. TEC-799030) and was wondering if that would put new life into them. Are there any other recommendations to my problem. The mowers are in great shape, just won't get out of their own way or up a hill. Also, does anyone know of a service manual for this transaxle? Thanks
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There are no internal service procedures for these tranny's other than oil level. To check the oil level, there will be a plug right near the input pulley/cooling fan. To access it you should be able to go through the fan with a socket and long extension on your ratchet driver. You will then use an appropriate, small probe to check the level of the oil. With the probe inserted all the way, you should have a oil depth reading of 1/4 - 3/8" of oil on the probe. Other areas of concern are: Excessive grass debris on the tranny...this will cause it to overheat and fade; Worn belt...for the obvious slippage problems; Absolute neutral...if reverse seems OK but not foward, you may not be in absolute neutral. By the way...a replacement tranny is about 500 fish, so hopefully you'll be able to find an easy fix to your problem. Let us know.
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i dont know if this helps but over the years i have had 2 trans axles go out. the first one i hit a hole at hi speed. i was lucky. a buddy knew where the exact same transaxle was on a junk mower. the 2nd one the reverse went out first on it. i drove it for 3 years without reverse. it got slower and slower. one day i got in a hurry to mow when wet. next day i noticed tractor leaning in back. tractor got slower and began to grind after a few mins. i called some experts. they said a bushing was out causing the grinding. they said if i could not find a used transaxle that i would be better off trading it. the only used transaxle i could find was about 3 states away. i traded it. experts told me transaxles are too complicated and difficult to fix. they said buy it new or find a used one. either way its bad news.

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