Pressure Washer Water Supply


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Pressure Washer Water Supply

looking for some advice on how I can boost the water flow from my well to safely run a small power washer. I currently get just over 2gpm from the outside faucet and have a washer with a 2.2.gpm spec.

I've been told that I can buy something called an in-line water pump to boost the water flow so that I won't run the risk of burnng out either the well pump motor or the washer motor. I don't know much about these, how they work, etc. Is there anyone that can fill me in on these and maybe recommend something? thx

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Basicaly a pressure washer is an inline booster. The type of pump you have been told about I believe is to enable water to be pumped over longer reaches IE: Aditional lenths of hose, the source still needs to supply the required volume. You might try the spiket on your well head, see what you get there for volume.Its possible if you checked another spiket, the distance lay and age could be causing low flow. Also talk to your local well fixit folk, they will know more about your well, head, and water table....
I am no expert in that area just what I picked up in the funny papers...
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That's a really low well/pump volume. You may eventually need to remove the pump screens or replace well pump.

But, for the PW fix, get a small stock tank and fill it up. The bottom drain on a tank (gravity feed) will be more than enough volume for the pw.


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