Starter Cord will not pull


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Question Starter Cord will not pull

We have a new Murray lawnmower with a Briggs and Stratton engine. We just replaced the blade because while out mowing yesterday, it sounded like I hit something, the engine stopped and I figured the blade was bent and hitting against the deck because the starter cord would not pull. (this has already happened once before) But after replacing the blade, the starter cord will still not pull. I have looked through all of the manuals and troubleshooters and cannot find any indications of what might be wrong....any suggestions? Please, my children are getting lost in the grass when they go in the backyard already!!!
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take off the blower housing. 3 -4 bolts hold it on. it will be either 3/8 or 7/16in. see if starter rope will pull by hand. if it does pull easily with top off engine then take brake off by depressing handle lever or disconnecting from edge of flywheel. next tilt mower deck, reach underneath, grab blade and slowly turn it to see if engine is locked up. if engine turns freely you know its in the starter. i just had one that the engine locked up. i took starter top off twice and kept working the blade to get engine to turn. i gave a good yank heard some noise and engine took off. i mowed two more yards after that but changed the oil after that. if it is the starter rope binding on edges try to get it back inside housing and pull on rope. it will usually mend itself. while you goy the the top off clean all the dirt up and oil lightly top of plastic wheel and the the top steel starter shaft. it has a hole in it for this. bearings are underneath. this is what works for me.
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thank you, thank you, thank you for your suggestions!! i don't know much more than the basic tune-up stuff for lawnmowers, but hoped it was something i could try to fix myself that wouldn't be expensive (since this lawnmower is fairly new). i have taken the top off like you said and tried the! i had already cleaned everything up too before getting your reply. gonna start with a fresh outlook on it tomorrow and hope the rest of what you mentioned to do is all it takes! thank you again!

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