Briggs & Stratton Speed Governor problems


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Unhappy Briggs & Stratton Speed Governor problems

I replaced the ignition coil on my 6.75HP OHV B&S lawn mower engine to fix a no-start problem. Happily, the mower now starts.

However, the mower runs at an inconsistent speed. It'll speed way up, then die down, then speed way up, etc. The period is about six to 10 seconds but isn't regular.

While mowing the governor let the engine slow down to the point where it stalled. (I wasn't mowing tall grass or anything like that at the time.)

The linkage to the throttle plate appears friction-free, as I can move it by hand easily when the mower is running.

My best guess is that I did some Stupid Human Trick while replacing the ignition coil last week. I'm going to dive back in there tonight, but wanted to ask the experts if there's anything obvious I should look for.
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Hello NogginBoink!

First, don't do anything to the governor. It's not the problem, and if you change the settings, you'll have to set it back to original once you solve the original problem. It sounds like you have a fuel problem. More specifically, sounds like water in the carburetor bowl. Remove the bowl and clean it out and clean the bowl screw orfices and retry. Let us know how it goes!
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Sounds quite possible/likely, as I did remove the carb bowl while tshooting the ignition problem.


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