Removing the Blade Adapter on my Lawnmower


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Removing the Blade Adapter on my Lawnmower

I have a Craftsman Eager1 (model # 917.372881) and I'm trying to replace the pully for my self propulsion. The instruction manual tells me to remove the blade (done) and remove the debris shield (not done) as I cannot see how to accomplish this. I figured by removing the blade and then the blade adapter I could get to the debris shield but now I can't figure out how to remove the blade adapter. All in all, I'm stymied! Can anyone help.
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Hello John!

Those can be a real pain to get off. Sometimes they just fall off, and other times you can't blow them off with 100lbs of TNT. I have had good luck using 2 curved prybars/crowbars, one on either side, and pry it off. It takes pressure on both sides to get it off. One side will just bind it. If you get it to move, spray the area with penetrating oil and tap it back on, then back and forth until you get it all the way off.
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You might have some luck by using a small gear puller. They put pressure on both sides at the same time. There is usually a key inside to prevent it from spining on the crank, so be on the lookout for that in case it drops out. And to second what Cheese said, use penetrating oil. Use a LOT of it (impossible to use too much!), use it often, spraying it down once an hour if necessary to try to free it up.
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Thanks Bontai Joe and Cheese, both excellent suggestions.
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Change or reseat drive belt without removing the adapter

I needed to get my drive belt back on the pulley under the engine. (How it got off I have no idea!) I tried everything to get the adapter off--penetrating oil, prying, gear puller--no joy. And I couldn't get the belt off the outside pulley over the drive, to slacken the belt. It finally dawned on me that I could remove that pulley from it's spindle. To steady it, I held the belt together toward the engine with a vise grip and removed the nut. Belt free. Reseated the belt on the inside pulley. Put the front pulley back on.
BTW, everything I read said to push down on the front pulley to slacken the belt. That's hard. If you push down on the little arm that the drive control cable attaches to, it's easy, and your hand is out of the work with the belt and pulley. It's really bad that the manual doesn't tell you that one.
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If a knife type bearing puller will fit you might get the adapter of with it.

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