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Can anyone recommend a good snowblower (snowthrower). I have no expierence using one or what constitutes a good one. Sears is taking orders to "lay-a-way" any snow blower until Nov 1st an I'd like to put in for one now to avoid the inevitable winter rush. They're advertising a 5hp snow thrower, electric start, 22 inch clearing path, no oil/gas mixing for $399.99.

Tks in advance for any input.
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What my opinion on purchasing a blower is what you will need it for. You should decide what and how you will have to use it. In other words, if you have a very large driveway or area that you have to blow, how much snow you get in a season etc. If you have an average size area to blow then the Sears blower sounds good. But if alot of use is required then maybe a more better quality one would be in order. (Such as Ariens or Simplicity) These types will set you back a little more but will last you much longer.
Alot of blowers nowadays are probably made by MTD but with the retail stores names and model numbers on them.
In my opinion my favorite machines to buy are the mid seventies Ariens units. They're built with thicker steel, and believe me, when they get into a huge snow drift, they show their value. The nice thing about these is you can usually pick them up for a decent price. The only drawback is that you have to know some one to work them over (in case they need it) so they're ready for the winter.

I hope this doesn't confuse you more than help you.


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