Old 2-cycle Snow Blower Lost it Power


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Old 2-cycle Snow Blower Lost it Power

I have a 20-25 year old Yard-Man 20" wide single stage snow blower powered with a 2-cycle Tecumseh engine. I've used it only for maybe 5 seasons although I've owned it for most of its life (bought it from a friend). I had it running well a few years ago but recently, while I can fire it up, it does not achieve high speed (basicly idles) and doesn't have much power. I can use it but it doesn't throw the snow very far.

I've disassembled the equipment a number of times trying to see it there is a problem. I've removed the carburator, fuel system, etc. but nothing I do gets to the problem.

It's a Tecumseh engine because I found a tag on the engine but not much else. Figuring something was wrong with the passages in the carburator, I tired to replace it "in kind" and was told I was out of luck.

Does anyone have advice or know where I can look for a replacement engine?

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Sounds like your current engine may still have plenty of life left with a little TLC. Here is a link for a manual might give you some troubleshooting hints. http://www.cpdonline.com/692509.pdf
If you post back with a bit more info, symptoms, engine model hp.....etc its quite likely a little time over a lota $ could have ya goin.
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I went to the website and got the 2-cycle manual. I haven't had time to look at the troubleshooting section beyond a casual glace. Also, I will have to pull the engine again (just to work on it) if/when I get an idea. In the identification section of the manual I noticed that there was a meaning to the little brass tag on the engine. My numbers are 1589 8284 but I don't remember seeing any other information other than Tecumseh. Those numbers didn't jump out at me as to year and mfg date. I'm going to guess that the HP rating is in the 3-4 HP. Its a small engine.
When running, the engine runs slowly but has some guts. It does get bogged down in heavy snow however. Occasionally, it spontaneously speeds up for a few seconds and then drops back to slow. It's nothing you can depend upon when trying to operate the equipment.
I appreciate your tip on the manual.
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Sounds like a carb adjustment or service could be of help...
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Being a two stroker, I'd pull the exhaust manifold and take a peek at the condition of the piston and cylinder. If this looks good (shiny, no scratching) then I'd say a carburetor reconditioning is in order. Remove the carb, soak it in a quality bath-type cleaner and rebuild it with Tecumseh part number 631893, kit. Assuming it is a diaphragm type carburetor that is. If it is a bowl type, let me know.

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