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Craftsman mower

My 6.25Hp Craftsman mower (Model 143.006200) suddenly has a fuel problem I have to prime it about twenty times to get it started and then it won't continue unless I keep pressing the primer bulb. I removed the bowl screw (high speed jet?) and cleaned out the orfices. The float is working both to allow gas in and shutting it off. I don't know what the float level and drop should be. Can you give me those specs, as well as info as to what else the problem may be?
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replace primer bulb. i just fixed a 3.5 2003 tecumseh that had to be babied like yours. when i took off primer bulb and compared it to new one i found that it had lost it elasticity causing all the problems. it seemed on that one the primer bulb controlled the whole carb which i couldnt see until i took it off. that engine now squitrs gas up thru the center like its supposed to and starts eagerly on 3 pushs of the bulb when cold and starts easily with no pushes when hot.
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I figured that the bulb was bad, but why won't the engine keep running after it starts?
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Most of the carbs like yours the primer bulb actually pressurizes the can on the carb with air, this makes the bowl gasket seal more important also if it does not seal the carb can suck air instead of fuel. Tecumseh recomends not reusing bowl gaskets. Checking the float level, when up or where the needle shuts off the fuel, if the float is level with the carb it should be good. You may also want to check your fuel supply to the carb itself, tank lines filter....
The bolt in the bottom of the bowl is not actually a jet but the orifices need to be clean. The jet is actually in the stem that the bolt threads into. I doubt yours is easily removable, but clean thru it with some cleaner and air.
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Thanks guys
I'll try replacing the primer bulb and gasket and let you know what happens.
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While you have the bowl back off, I would advise you to blow out the nozzle (this runs up the dead center of the carb) with lightly pressurized (40-50 psi)air. These carburetors are very finicky and hopefully a blow out will solve your trouble but a complete reconditioning may be needed. Using a quality spray cleaner may help as well.
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I replaced the bowl gasket and primer bulb. I also used cleaner and blew out the passages as recommended. With the float bowl off, I get plenty of gas flowing through the needle valve and seat. It also shuts off good. After everything is assembled, the machine is will not start at all now. I have good spark and I checked the flywheel key, as this had broken in the past. What now?
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I went back and checked my work--found out I had the governor linkage screwed up. Straightened that out and now it runs good except I have to push the primer bulb about 12 to 15 times to get it started. What's left to check?
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Look at the bowl screw one more time. There is one tiny hole near the end, in an unthreaded part of the screw. If it is clogged, it can do this, and it is very hard to see the hole because it is so small.
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Yeah, I saw that hole and cleaned it. I guess I'll just have to live with it the way it is.

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