Craftsman 19.5 Rider Troubles


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Question Craftsman 19.5 Rider Troubles

Hello Forum,

I have a 19.5 hp Craftsman rider that I had trouble keeping running. Changed fuel filter and lines, cleaned and put a kit in the carb. Ran great for a few weeks.

Now, runs great for about 20 min. Gets hot and quits.
The problem is, it will not even crank until I give it time to cool down.
Wait about an hour, it starts and that's when I head for the garage, don't want to push it across the property.

Have checked the searchs and other threads but cant seem to find anything pointing to my prob.

Please help.
Thanks, Ric...
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check to see if there is spark present at the plug when it dies. sounds like you may have to replace the coil.
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Thanks for the reply, about checking the spark, It won't even crank.
Everything just goes dead. No clicking, no nothing. It sounds like gas boiling in the bowl though.

What on the engine would get hot and quit ??

Still stumped in Kansas...

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Check your spark plugs, if they show any white your carb is most likely adjusted too lean. This will cause the engine to get hot. Your main mixture screw shoulld be between 1 1/2 to 2 turns out from lightly seated.
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i have posted info on tecumseh cam timing that may help you. i was restoring a 10 hp tecumseh that had similar problems. i replaced the coil and the new coil plug wire end would get hot and ground out against block because it was squished against blower housing. engine would flood and would not turn over with truck battery when hot because raw gas is hard to compress. when it would cool gas would evaporate from combustion chamber and engine would start right up. in summary sounds like coil breaking down. i had one coil that started out letting me mow for 45 mins. then 30 mins. then 20 mins. then 5 mins. then no spark. i have had other coils that just go out period.
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Do your best to describe the sound, if any, the engine makes when attempting to restart. How is the engines' oil level and condition? Do you hear any odd noise out of the muffler just before it dies? Any backfire at this point? Exactly what engine is on this machine - engine ID #'s please? It should be a Briggs, probably a model series 42. If in fact the engine doesn't crank over electrically, can you at least turn the engine over by hand by applying pressure with the palms of your hands and trying to spin the flywheel screen? Let us know these answers.
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Have checked the plugs, and they look normal. Not white or anything looking like to lean.

Like mitchell stated, I think you're on the right track with the coil going bad, I have heard that from the neighbors. Just don't know much about changing it.

The engine is a 19.5 hp, no #'s yet, (affraid if I go downstairs and check I'm gonna get kicked off-line) will get soon though.

No backfire, no noises, no nothing, just quits like you turn the key off.
When the rain quits I will get it back out and try to duplicate the prob. and then check the flywheel.

Gonna do some searches on changing the coil.

Thanks a million guys, the input is great. Will get back with ya on the #'s and checking flywheel.

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The coil has nothing to do with it not cranking. It should crank even if you removed the coil completely. The coil would keep it from starting though. I think you have electrical problems, or fuel lock in the cylinder from flooding carb. Have you cleaned the cooling fins on the cylinders?

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