sears home generator


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sears home generator

I have this sears 7 hp generator built by generac back in the 70's. The engine runs great but I lost all ac output and 12vdc. I checked the brushes, rotor and windings in the stator and they seem to be fine. (I used to build these at generac in the 70's but I forgot how to trouble shoot the problems). The plug in regulator I believe is only for the 12 volt dc. If I could find a wiring schematic or troubleshooting chart it would be appreciated. the model # is 5803-21780
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re: generator

Hello Klimty:

I'd recommend contacting Sears on this. They have a pretty good stock of parts for older things (except for a 4 cu ft freezer I have.)

Anyway, they are good on followup and you may be able to get it locally wherever you live.

Don't go to a Sears store unless to ask where they nearest parts facilty is.
I'm luck as there is one about 15 miles from me, so I call them and have them ship it to me UPS if I need a part.

Good luck!

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I've personnaly gotten large diesel generators to work (Cats or Cummins) by flashing the field. Generators need a little residual magnetism to start working. If that magnetism is lost for some reason you need to hook a small battery across the field for a second or two to restore enough magnetism for the generator voltage to come up to a normal level. In your case a small D battery should be enough. I've used a 6 volt latern battery to excite a 500KW generator before so a 1.5 volt battery should work for a small generator. Of course, you could also have a voltage regulator problem, but I can't tell that from here.

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