Briggs 12HP Carburetor Help


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Briggs 12HP Carburetor Help


I have a Lowes Lawn Tractor with a Briggs 12 HP I/C motor (Model 281707, Type 0411, Code 90052311). I recently noticed that it leaked all of its gasoline from the tank--perfromed a visual inspection and found that the fuel hoses wwere deteriorating and that the breather tube had a slit in it. So, I changed all of those and also went ahead and changed the air filter and prefilter, ensured the gas tank vent was not clogged, and changed the spark plug.

Now, when I start it, it does not seem to run as well as it should. I frequently am having to adjust the choke position while mowing to restore power and keep it from becoming too sluggish (throttle position remains at high). Do I need to adjust the carburetor? If so, how do I do this? I know that there is a screw with a spring on the bottom of the carburetor (below the bowl), but is there anything else that would need adjusted?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am a novice when it comes to carburetors.

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You may well get away with a carburetor adjustment but first answer this. Was the fuel line the only source of the leakage? Are you sure fuel didn't get into the crankcase due to a bad inlet needle and/or float in the carburetor? For your lean running condition, turn the screw you mentioned out (counterclockwise) about a 1/4 turn. This will richen the mixture and save you from having to run on part choke. To be sure the carb wasn't allowing fuel to seep into the oil, pull out the dipstick and see if it's "overfilled" and smells like gasoline...if so, you'll need to service the carburetor. Let us know.

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