replacing Tecumseh Engine


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replacing Tecumseh Engine

Our riding Snapper with a 8hp Tecumseh threw a rod and we ordered and just received the designated replacement. It came with no instructions. We are wondering about the wiring . The engine came with a three wire harness and I believe our Snapper has only two wires. We may have trouble connecting the engine to the throttle and wiring without some help. Is there any hope for us?
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Hi rw,
By all means you have come to the right place.
If you can provide the model# of your snapper, and distinguish wires from control cables, do your best to descripe any problems or questions, and the forum will transcribe with help best as possible.
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Hi az,
I entered the info you asked for yesterday but have no idea where it went. I am new to this procedure(on line forum). The mower is a Snapper 25066 and the engine is a tvm220. The mower has two wires, one red, one black. The engine has three wires, one red,yellow and green. The mower seems to have an interlock with the blade brake, the keyed ignition and the transmissiion. We are thinking the green is ground and should be connected to the black and maybe the red to the red, but what about the yellow? My husband is concerned that the throttle control has no evident way to kill the engine when pulled all the way to off. Is he a worry wart? I hope this gets to you and you can offer us some assistance.
Thanks, rw
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I checked snappers site and could not find the model# you gave. If you go to click on publications in the upper right corner, you can look for your model there and check the parts and owners manuals. Also here is a service manual that covers your engine.

Making assumptions here but, I assume you have a rear mounted rider, with electric start....a key switch and a start button???
If so the key is what shuts the engine off, the throttle moved to the slowest position should allow the engine to idle.
According to the manual on your engine, the Green wire is Magneto ground, the Red is DC output, the yellow is AC output which your mower may not use.
So with my assumptions and info, I would say Red to Red and green to black and yellow not needed.
Should the engine start with the green wire not connected to ground (if wired to the key switch, when key is in off it will ground, on it should not) then you will not be able to shut the engine off without choking it out or removing the spark plug wire.
Not sure if I helped ya out or not, and maybe some one else has ideas also. Cheese and Puey probably know off the top of their heads, and I am sure they will straighten me out if I am incorrect.
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If you would please, provide the complete original engine ID #'s as well as the replacement engine part number you have. With these I can better help you out. The TVM part of the model number (from the original engine) will be followed by a series of numbers and a letter. This is what i'll need (and the part # of the new engine).
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Hi az and puey61,

Thanks for the info. I may or may not have the id for the original engine. We tossed the cover when we scrapped it on Monday. I will look around. Yes the mower is a rear engine rider--Recoil start but has a key . We will try my solution of red to red and black to green and let 'er rip. will check the snapper site you provided also. Thanks, so much. I'll get back to you with results.
Later ,rw
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Stared the engine today and it ran fine. Have a little tweaking to do with the drive clutch, but should be okay. Thanks for the help and links. They were a great help. Snapper emailed us a 58 page manual that is great. The engine link will be a super help also.
Thanks again,

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