snowblower question


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snowblower question

Tuning up my old snowblower for another season. I want to replace/renew the fluid at the auger crankcase.There's a drain plug where the drivetrain meets the blades. I bought a bottle of 80W/90 gear oil. Do I simply drain the old and replace with the new? Is this the stuff to use?

Thanks in advance
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What type and model of snowblower? I kinda doubt (although not positive) that 80/90W gear oil is the manufactures recomended fluid. If you have an owners manual it will say or post with model # and can find one online to check. Also there may be a decal/placard near the fill stating recommended oil.
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I normally use either 80 or 90 weight gear oil in the older blowers that I tune up. Some of the newer sealed aluminum cased gearboxes use a special type of gear oil and grease already mixed together but with the older cast iron gear boxes, you want the oil because they usually build up a fair amount of heat and you want the lubrication there for it. As for draining it, the plug you're describing sounds like it is at the lowest point on the gear box so ,yes, that is where you will drain it. You might even have another one about half way up the gear box just slightly higher that the drain plug, this is where you would fill it. To fill it, you just fill the higher plug hole til it just starts to flow out of it. You don't want to overfill it because you may end up popping out a seal. All you want is to make sure the brass gear inside is always bathed in oil.
Hope this helps.

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thanks guys......let it snow, let it snow
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You haven't mentioned which brand machine you have yet so don't necessarily use 80W90, although this may just be what you need. Give me the make of the unit as well as whether it has a cast iron or aluminum gearcase. Let me know also if you have ever noticed an oil leak at the gearbox.
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make model

she's an old girl...a Duramark, I believe it was a Sears product. Nope no leaks. I picked this blower up for $200.00...8hp, 24", started first pull, runs like a top!....last year I had drifts over 7' high along my driveway....brutal

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