Blade bolt torque


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Blade bolt torque

Let me ask a question and get some replies...if I stuffed some starter rope down in the spark plug you think, if I put 55 ft-lbs of torque on the blade bolt...would I be taking a chance on knocking a hole in the top of the piston. JD recomends 55 ft-lbs on this model.
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If I read your question correctly you think your arm and some compressed rope might damage an alloy that gasoliine exploding next to isn't hurting. Just my sarcastic side showing. Go ahead, no problem.

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Special piston stops are made of teflon/plastic that thread into the spark plug hole and are under $5.00.
However you should not need this to tighten the blade bolt, the blade should fit or a gear or keyed section. Use a wood block to brace the blade and tighten your bolt.
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If you have a torque wrench, by all means go ahead and use it. It is not necessary though. Remove the spark plug wire (so as you don't have an accidental start up), use a long combination wrench of the proper size, wearing a heavy glove or using any other suitable protection, hold the blade with your left hand and use your right hand to tighten the bolt with the wrench applying opposing force between your hands. As soon as your veins start to pop out of your neck, you're done. Who need a stinkin' torque wrench.
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Blade bolt torque

Thanks fellows for your suggestions. The only thing is, this mower has a blade brake clutch between the blade and the bottom of the engine...there just isn't room to hold the shaft. I've tried an impact wrench on it and will let you know if it seems to have worked.
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Oh yeah, a 1/2" impact wrench should do the trick, no problem. I like Puey's "stinkin torque wrench" philosophy, lol. I never use one when tightening blades. About the only time I use one is when I'm tightening rod cap bolts, or head bolts on OHV engines.

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