Pressure washers


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Pressure washers

If this belongs in a different forum, let me know and I'll post elsewhere. But this forum looks close to me.

I have a 2450 PSI, 2.0GPM, 6.75 HP pressure washer and want to get more use and efficiency out of it. I use it to clean my house (2 story vinyl siding), patio (about 15' x 20'), deck (20" x 25') and driveway (asphalt). I've never used it to clean vehicles, but would if I thought I could do a good job with no risk.

Question: What tools / accessories would any of you more experienced users recommend to allow me to make the most of this pressure washer? And any specific tips on using it (e.g., commercial solutions vs. bleach/water, etc.)?

Thanks in advance!
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Looks like your getting good use of your pw already -
" house (2 story vinyl siding), patio (about 15' x 20'), deck (20" x 25') and driveway (asphalt)."
I use my 3500 psi for leaf removal (I'm able to blow them into the woods).

I'd suggest keeping the pw away from the vehicle: two reasons.
1)too much pressure could possibly do some damage
2) it won't clean it properly anyway! sorta like those quarter, I mean dollar car washes with soap. It still takes a cloth or soft brush to remove that last bit of dirt film!! A garden hose suffices.

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It may also depend on the area you live in roads weather vehicle....? In the pacific North West, car wash days may only come along once every few months, with wet and dirty conditions in between. A pressure washer can save alot of elbow work even on momma's grocery getter. Especially the undercarriage, wheel wells, bumpers grills....etc. If there is any paint fading peeling or in question avoid using one in those areas as they can and will peel paint. I use a wide fan tip as a prewash for momma's GG and also a final rinse.
With a 6 month wet season and living in a rural area, mud is inevitable and especially in a 4WD Also vehicles such as my camper van which sit most of the wet season develops a mossy mold and a pressure washer is the only way to get that much area cleaned of it, (My daughter and I tried it by hand one year and had to be hand fed for a week after )

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