Want to remove the flywheel from B&S 12hp


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Question Want to remove the flywheel from B&S 12hp

Well, I'm at a loss as to how to get the flywheel off an old (no good) 12 hp.
B&S engine. Do I need a special tool? I have the socket that fits the nut at the top, but how do I keep the fins from moving with out braking them? Also, does that nut at the top undo (loosen up) by going counter-clockwise ? Any
help would be appreciated. Thanks
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The nut should be left handed and unscrew CCW. There is a jig made just to hold the fins on the flywheel, although you may be able to hold the other end of the shaft. If it has a pulley or area to use a strap wrench or other suitable tool on the drive end of the crankshaft.
A piston stop may also be an option, less than 5 bills.
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i always use a pull handle , and use a 3 lb. hammer to "impact" the
pull handle. this should work for you.
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I have been using a strap wrench to hold the flywheel stationary while removing the nut. Keep in mind that after you get the nut off you are still faced with with problem of removing the flywheel from the shaft. You will need a puller to do that job correctly. There are several types out there but I usually use one that is shaped like an H with a large bolt in the center that makes contact with the crankshaft and two smaller bolts on each side that will screw into the flywheel itself. If you don't have such a tool you may find that removing the flywheel will be a very frustrating operation. You can spend hours tearing up your equipment and the flywheel without success or you can spend about 10 seconds popping the flywheel free of the tapered shaft with the correct tool.
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Thank you all for your valuable info! I will try to get my hands on (buy) a
flywheel puller before I go much further. I'm sure I can locate one, and I'm also sure I will be able to use it more than once. Thanks again for all the replies.
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An authorized Briggs shop will be able to get you both a strap wrench and a puller.

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