Ford Farm Tractors


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Ford Farm Tractors

Howdie, Are there any here that works on ford farm tractors? If so, I have a real good learning experience for someone. Ford 2000, 3-cyl, gas, put new carb, new generator, and new regulator on it. Need help figuring on how to get it to crank without starting fluid. Once it does crank, why does it only run while choke is on, once I release choke, it shuts off. Oh yea, it is a Holley 1-bar carb. How to set the governor linkage adjustment screw? Thanks, Bullfrog
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Is it a brand new carb? Or rebuilt? It is a fuel problem, probably in the carb. Could be that you have an air leak between the carb and intake, or between the intake and head, but it sounds like a carb problem more than anything to me.
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I had a Ford 8N that had a starting problem many years ago. Many hours were spent checking everything. All was in good order but the machine wouldn't start. After a while the only thing I noticed was that the gas didn't smell quite right. You guessed it, the gas was OLD. I went to a gas station and got some fresh gas and the Ole 8N fired right up. At the time I was living on a farm and I had my own gas barrel. It seems I wasn't using enough of it since I only used the gas to refuel my little 8N. I learned my lesson. If it won't start check on your fuel as well as your machinery.

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