Snowblower 2 or 4 cycle engine?


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Snowblower 2 or 4 cycle engine?

I am looking to buy a 5hp 22 inch snowblower from Sears. The model is available in both a 2 cycle and 4 cycle version. It is a non-self propelled single satge model. Which engine type is better for a snowblower of this size and horsepower. Thanks!
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Hello Wheezer!

I have no experience with snowblowers, but check back after the weekend, there are people here who know more about this stuff. In general, 2 strokes are lighter and more torquey, but they pollute more and require fuel/oil mixture and can be noisy and finickey.
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2 cycle blower:
-usually lighter and easier to maneuver .
-only single stage(the auger and impeller are one and rotate very fast.
-not self propelled
-limited amount of snow it can go into and handle easily.

4 cycle blowers:
-not as light
-usually 2 stage ( the auger rotates at a slower speed to break up the snow and impeller rotates at a greater speed to throw the snow out allowing you to tackle more heavy snow.
-always self propelled and usually with multiple forward and reverse gears.

Both types of blowers have good and bad points. So it depends on the type of use you need it for. If you've got a small area and you have some tight maneuvering to do then a 2 cycle might be something to look into. Reason being is they are usually smaller and lighter than its brother the 4 cycle. But on the other hand the 4 cycle will get into more heavy snow and handle it easier than the 2 cycle.
I myself prefer a 4 cycle but I do own one of each, my driveway is about 100 feet long and after a good snowfall it can drift pretty good so I want something that can handle the load. If it's a light dusting (maybe a couple of inches on the driveway) then I will bring out the 2 cycle
I hope this helps you more than confuses you.

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For all interested. Many manufacturers are making single stage throwers with 4-stroke engines now, namely MTD products. It's basically the same frame size as it's 2-stroke sibbling but with the 4-stroker. Being from a snowbelt area and having worked on both, I'd go with the 2-stroke. Any single stage thrower benefits from increased RPM's. And the 2-strokers have the edge here.
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The new ( OCT 2004 ) issue of Consumer Reports compares and rates snow blowers. You may want to look at a copy. They compare 23 single and two stage gas and single stage electric snow blowers.
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Thanks for all the info!

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