I hate my new John Deere L120


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I hate my new John Deere L120

Felt like sharing my opinion on these Tractors every JD place is trying to sell you. I have an L120 John Deere I bought this year. I gotta say whoever designed this tractor designed it for a fat yuppie with a flat yard. I have a hilly terrain around here and need to move my butt to one side of the seat or another in order to keep it from rolling over on top of me, yet there is an annoying little switch under the seat that prevents me from doing this even if I slightly move my rear so mid hill the tractor wants to die and let me roll down the hill. This thing has absolutely NO Balls in reverse, none! The lever for the mower deck sticks right up yer keister if you need to move to your left. I had a Simplicity 4211 with an 11HP Briggs and it kicked this Green machines Butt! So so far I've heated and bent the mower deck lever so it's out of my way, bypassed the seat kill myself switch so I don't die mowing the lawn and am still wondering why they installed a button to back up with the mower on? It actually makes you have to look forward before backing!! Isn't that kinda pointless? Now has anyone found a way to make this thing have more sac in reverse? I love how they wired the seat switch to prevent people from bypassing it lol that was a tough one to figure out! I'm just venting here, but it's funny how my old Simplicity was stronger, faster, easier to mauever and just more practical. I learned my lesson about buying for the name
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Why all the safety devices?

In a word - LIABILITY. My Deere dealer told me that your model is fine for the urban, flat lot but for any real "manly" cutting you need a LT series as a minimum. My LT-160 is almost two years old and runs like a Deer(e).
I really don't find pushing the reverse switch any trickier than steping on the brake pedal before starting my car. It becomes second nature.
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Goldstar is right. All the manufacturers are trying their best to make these kinds of machines idiot resistant (nothing is idiot proof). When people can successfully sue because their hot coffee is actually hot and it burns, you end up with a society where everything is designed by lawyers and insurance people. You used to be able to buy a Gravely with a big (36"?) dia saw blade mounted out front with no guards for cutting down saplings and heavy brush, cars with no seatbelts, electric fans with motors powerful enough to actually move air, etc. Expect to see more of this, not less.
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Actuall I feel with JD at least and many other manufactures, the main goal is "Service". Some of the elaborate wiring schemes on for instance, Deere far overide any liability issue, its more like "Oh yep its broke, you cant fix it, and I aint gonna tell ya how, but bring it on in and we'll fix ya up "
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goldstar and bontai make excellent points. You need to bear in mind that the L-series Deere's are designed for sale in big box stores and need to compete with the likes of MTD and Craftsman in price. With these lower prices you get lower quality product. I agree with your gripes, YamahaWolverine, but if you were to buy another Simplicity (which by the way, the closest equivalent would be the "Regent" models), then you could expect to pay more due to the fact that Simplicity doesn't sell out of box stores and therefore they don't skimp on quality. Another area you will complain about in the near future will likely be the steering. The geometry as well as the lack of grease fittings makes them difficult to steer after a couple years time, with the geo being the biggest problem. Good luck though and keep it serviced as any DIY'er would.
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And of course the broken hood. I bet it's already broke.
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Originally Posted by cheese
And of course the broken hood. I bet it's already broke.
OUCH! They don't ALL get broken, do they? The fiberglass hood on my 1978 Deere is original and not broken. Does have a few scratches, but no cracks or chips.
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