Generator vs Pump


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Generator vs Pump

I have a 7000 w generator which 'was' powering (220v) my well pump with no problems. It has decide to stop doing so, however it still produces 120/220v and will power my tools.
It also developed an oil leak and is harder to start (seems flooded) and I believe the idle is fast.
I dont believe the problem lies in the well pump, because my smaller 5000w generator will still power it up.
Any ideas?
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When you say it won't power the pump anymore, do you mean it shuts off, or does it keep running, just won't produce enough power?
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The generator keeps running full speed (maybe to fast) and my voltage tester shows it producing power to the lines at 60hz, yet the pump is doing nothing.
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You will need to use a voltmeter to properly check out your generator.

220 volt power uses two hot legs and when you check the generator output with a 120 volt device you are only checking one leg.

Carefully insert a voltmeter's probes into the 220 volt receptacle to see if 220 volts are being produced.
One leg only on the breaker could have tripped or one winding could be bad if you don't get 220 volts.
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GregH, thanks I'll try that first thing tomorrow morning (unit is out at ranch).
I will let you know my findings.
Seems to me, this might be the generator I had to have new winding put in couple years ago. Hope its just a breaker, nearest shop is in Flagstaff 140 miles away.

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