Kohler 15HP, Tons Of Problems


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Kohler 15HP, Tons Of Problems

Hello, all. I am generally pretty good at small engines and such, but this thing has me puzzled. I recently got a Craftsman riding lawnmower for free from family. It was bought in 1997, but for its life untill now it never has seen fresh oil & filter, a new sparkplug, or a new airfilter. I cannot get this thing to start over very easy. Some times it'll just sputter and backfire, sometimes it'll do nothing at all, sometimes it'll start up, but run rough. When it does manage to run, it runs very, very rough. (as in trying to find the right speed and sounding like there is dirt scraping on the inside) It isn't the gov. hunting, it just runs rough. Another thing is that when it is running, letting off the clutch it sputters and dies. For example, trying to get it to move forward or backwards, all it does is lurches forward and dies. Another example is when trying to engage the blades, it just sputters and dies. I have done a couple of things, change the oil and filter, (thats common sense since the oil has never been changed before.) clean out the fuel filter, replace the air filter, and check all wiring. Yes the fuel solonoid is letting fuel flow through the main jet. The engine is a Kohler CV15S. Is this thing just worn out from neglect, or is it fixable?
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Sounds like a carb which has not seen any fuel stabilizer for seven winters and needs a complete cleaning and / or rebuilding.
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I'm in agreement with goldstar...A thorough carb rebuild is in order. Let us know how you make out!
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Rebuilt the carb, ran ok for a while, but went to its old self. So in turn I opened it up to find the piston (along with the rings) and piston walls were scored very badly. Also a valve spring was damaged. So back to my old push mower untill I have time to re-build. Thanks for the help guys, ill definitely come back here if I have any questions.

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