I don't like diaphram fuel pumps....


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I don't like diaphram fuel pumps....

Is there a way to bypass the diaphram fuel pump on my 19.5 hp Briggs, model 42E707-1631-01 with an electric pump? Can I just put a pump in the fuel line right out of the tank? And if so, would I use a 3-4 lbs pump or a 4-5 lbs pump? Can the fuel fill valve attached to the float handle the shut off with an electric pump or would it be too much pressure? Would I need to modify the diaphram pump? If so, what modifications to it would I need to make? Thanks - BSTheyAre.
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I, personally, don't mind pulse-type fuel pumps but have never attempted to install an electric one in place of a pulser. I think I'd go with the 4-5 lb. pump but, again, have never tried such. It's just that, typically, small engine inlet needle pop-off figures would be at or about 15-17 lbs. I'd want the extra pressure in case your fuel tank is either a good distance away from the carb and/or well below the carb. Wait a few days for other responses before going with this and see what they may have to say.
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I have installed an electric pump or two, but would rather not. The diaphragm pumps are very reliable and effective. Another reason, and the #1 reason I don't like electric: They are not as safe. If the mower tips over, or the engine catches fire, or some other calamity, the fuel pump keeps pumping as long as it has power. The diaphragm pump will quit pumping when the engine stalls.

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