help carb stuff 2150 poulan [slurpee]


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help carb stuff 2150 poulan [slurpee]

hello there thanks for looking. i can get it to run and idle.but hi and low are not standard settings.i dont think? low needle out 1 to 1-1/4 turn out from stop out. just doesen't seem enought . i can get it to idle without the chain turnnig and won't die but that's at three turns out low speed needle man then it wants to wad up choke and die. well does anybody know the settings for this saw [POULAN 2150] ps. i have clean carb new fuel lines new air filter new plug cleaned spark arrester hehehe i learned about that hear and gas is mixed @ [2oz Oil to 1gallon Gas] hope thats good ? well thats it i think thax again laters SLurPee fla.
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You want to make sure your "idle speed" is set also, its the one that contacts the throttle plate. Turn CCW until it does not contact the plate, then turn it CW, once it contacts the throttle plate turn it CW and additional 2 turns.
You didnt mention what type of carb you had, probably Walbro or Zama and also do you have a high speed adjustment or is it fixed? If fixed you will see a plug looking spot next to the low speed mixture screw.
If your hi speed is fixed, set your idle speed as descriped and set the low mixture at about 1 turn out. Make adjustments in 1/8 turns until it will run.

If you have a hi speed screw, set it to 1 1/4 turns out and the low all the way in to 1/4 turn out. Adjust the hi screw in 1/8 turns until it will start, then fine tune with the low screw.

Finally check for acceleration, squeeze the throttle all the way, if it burps or sputters before spinning up back the low out 1/8 turn at a time until it accelerates without hesitation.

If your hi speed is fixed, and you are unable to get it to run correctly with the other adjustments, despite your efforts of cleaning, you may still have some obstruction in your carb.

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