B&S recoil starter not disengaging


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B&S recoil starter not disengaging

I picked up an old lawn edger with 2.5 HP brigs motor. When I got it the starter cord was unwound and hanging. I rewound the spring and cord it started right up but was squealing like crazy.. I found if I removed the recoil housing after starting it no squealing...

It seems on the fly wheel (?) there are 4 ball bearings and 4 moving "fingers" that engage and disengage the recoil starter. Looks like it's staying engaged causing the recoil starter to continue to spin making a horrible noise...

Not sure how to fix this...

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The ball bearings you mentioned are a part of the starter clutch. It is this that is causing the squeeling as you will have debris build-up here. You will need to remove the clutch, polish the crankshaft with emery paper, clean out the ID of the piece that slips over the crank and lubricate the balls with a spray lube (such as WD40). The trick is that you should use a proper wrench to remove the clutch and when reassembled it must be torqued to 55 foot pounds as it doubles as the flywheel nut. A Briggs shop can sell you the special wrench - part #19244. Be aware that you will need to hold the flywheel from turning when removing and reinstalling the clutch. If you should use a means other than a proper Briggs tool to hold the flywheel you may break off one or more flywheel fins.
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thank you very much, i will try it!

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