Carberator Adjustment


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Smile Carberator Adjustment

I have a Tecumseh generator. It is 8 hp. I'm having some carb problems. I've just cleaned the carb and the engine starts ok, but when it's warm and I try to open the choke it kills it. I have two adustment screws (high and low speed) plus the idle screw. Which adjustment screw should be turned (and which way) to make it run smoothly with the choke off? Thanks.
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The bottom screw on the bowl is the high speed adjusting screw. Turn it in clockwise all the way and turn it out 1 1/4 turn.(this is enough to keep you running so you can properly adjust it later.
After the engine has gotten up to operating temp. put the motor to full throttle (no choke on ). Now if the engine will run,which it should, start turning the high speed screw in (clockwise) until the motor starts to sputter or run rough. Now remember that position. Now start to turn it out (counter clockwise) until it starts to run rough or sputter again.(note this position) Now go in between the two positions and that will be your setting. You still may have to move the screw a little one way or the other depending on the cleanliness of the carb.
The low speed screw is done the same way but with the motor in idle.(approx 1750 rpm)
Hope this helps.

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Smile Thanks, Snoman

Thanks for the info. It worked great. In fact, the old generator runs as smooth (maybe better) than the day I brought it home from the store, and much better, that it did after the carb was cleaned by a professional a couple of years ago. Thanks again.

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