Toro's Snow Commander (single stage)


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Toro's Snow Commander (single stage)

Hi everyone. Winter's coming and I want to know if anyone has an opinion on Toro's Snow Commander? It's a 7hp, single stage blower that comes advertised as having the power of a 2 stage but the manuverability of a single.

My driveway is flat, 80ft long, 10 ft wide and about 40 ft of sidewalk (also flat). I live in Toronto and our snowfall is moderate to heavy over the course of a winter season.

The salesman at the local lawn and garden centre (which sells all the major brands) says that for my situation, the Snow Commander will be more than enough for me and won't have a problem even at the end of my driveway. He insists it's 7hp and "Power Curve" system is much better than the traditionally underpowered single stage machines of yore.

Please let me know your thoughts (good, bad or ugly) on the Snow Commander.

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The power shouldn't be an issue. The thing you need to consider is that this machine is not self-propelled and with the amount of area you will be clearing, you will likely get exhausted pushing this rather heavy single stage thrower around. I'd spend a few more Loonies and buy a two-stage machine. Stick with Toro or consider an Ariens on the high-quality end or look at any of the MTD products at the big box stores.
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Thanks very much for your reply. The salesman told me that the auger itself will pull the machine along thereby almost eliminating the elbow grease I'll need to use. This is possible as the front of the Snow Commander pitches forwand and down when you grasp the power bar, located just under the handles. Here is the link to the Snow Commander product that explains this feature called the "Power Propel System" - watch the picture as it demonstrates the motion that I describe:

My primary concern is whether this thing can get the job done. So I guess from your reply, you think that the Toro Snow Commander can do it but it might be a bit of a struggle to manage the blower itself (assuming the auger really doesn't pull it along like it is advertised).

Thanks again.
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My sister and I picked one up for my brother-in-law last year.
It is one AWESOME machine.
Believe me it will pull itself through whatever you have with NO problem.
Throws snow with a vengence, 35' plus even the wet slushy type that is common in Michigan when one minute it's 70 and the next -10 followed in the next 5 minutes of 40 degrees......

I have to admit I'm green with envy. I just can't justify offing my 6 year old 2500 for a Commander when it still runs like a champ is lovingly cared for.
Besides, my wife would kill me and bury my remains in a shallow snow bank if I did...

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