Craftsmon 7.0 mower unable to start


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Craftsmon 7.0 mower unable to start

4 months ago I bought Craftsmon 7.0HP Self Propelled rear bag manual start with Briggs and starton engine.
Now I am not able to start the mower. This is the sequence of event:

1. I put the motor oil SAE 30 which comes in yellow bottle. Friend told me I should have used 4 stroke engine oil not the motor oil which is for car.
2. So I bought the SAE 30 oil for 4 stroke engine that comes in black bottle.
3. First I emptied the old oil by turning the mower on one side (There is no hole at the bottom of mower for emptying oil.) Then I put the new 4 stroke engine oil (20 oz).
4. I started the mower and lot of smoke came. I immediately stopped and realized I might have put more than required or not emptied old oil completely.
5. So I drained out little bit of oil.
6. I also thought I had bad gasoline so removed the gas. But I ingored the instruction where it says to empty the gas tank by running the mower not by tilting mower. I removed the gas by tilting the mower on one side.
7. I refilled the gas but mower was not starting at all. So I gave it up that day.
8. Next day again I started mower and some black liquid came out of muffler and it stopped.

I think when I tilted the mower on the gas tank side, oil went all over the place, may be in crackshaft, carburator etc.
What can I do now? Is there any DYI fix? or do I need to take this to repair shop? How much can this cost?

Thanks in advance.
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1st check the oil for correct level.

2nd check your air filter for oil saturation, replace if soaked.

3rd start the mower, the oil in the muffler will burn away in a few minutes.

i hope this helps.
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I would be a good idea if you have your owners manual, to refer to it in how to change oil. If you dont have a manual, provide your model# from the mower, and can probably get it online. If not Sears can provide you with a copy.
I am quite certain that your Briggs&Stratton engine has an oil drain plug. It may be hidden by grass buildup or gaurd depending on what type of drive you have.
If you remove the spark plug and pull the rope a few times to help blow any fuel or oil leftover out. Check the plug also, if it is badly fouled you will want to replace it. If it just wet with fuel it may dry and be ok. If you have any problems starting after this however the spark plug would be the first place to start.
Check and or change oil according to the owners manual, (SAE30) Also have a look at your air filter to see if it was affected. Start it up and let it run at medium speed. Monitor it to see if smokes and if so if it stops.

Letus know how that goes.
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Still no luck

1. I removed some of the oil. I am sure oil is enough.
Silly question - How do I measure the oil level? Dip stick never gives me acurate results. Every time I measure it gives me different results. Sometime I see wet spot above the max 'Fill' line some time below the 'Add' line. And other times wet spot is throughout the stick. I had the same problem measuring the oil level in my car too.
2. Removed old spark plug. Pulled the rope few times but nothing came out from cylinder. I replaced with the new spark plug.
3. Air filter was little wet from the bottom so cleaned it. Wanted to replace it but HD didn't have air filter of my model. Will go to some other hardware store today.
4. Started the mower. It ran for few minutes and lots of smoke came out and it stopped. Pulled roped for few more times but mower is not willing to start.

Just to try it out, if air filter is problem then can the mower run without it?
I removed the air filter and pulled rope and see if it's starting but no luck this time either.
Let me replace with new air filter and see how it goes.
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You may need to let the mower sit for several minutes after adding oil, running (or attempting to start) or moving the mower to get a good accurate reading on the oil level. Make sure the mower is sitting on a flat level surface when checking.
What color is the smoke? White or Black? Does your mower have a choke?
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It worked

Azis - Mower doesn't have choke and smoke was black.

I did what you guys said.
1. Removed spark plug then pulled the rope few times. Oil or gas sneezed out of spark plug hole.
2. Air filter was wet with oil so replaced with new one.
3. Made sure oil level is fine.

Lawn mower workes now! Thanks for all your advices.

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