Craftsman riding mower


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Red face Craftsman riding mower

I have an 18 H.P. riding mower. Model No. 917.254860. I have changed the drive and blade belts but have a problem. When it is put in gear. it won't move unless I pop the pedal a few times. Is there an adjustment for this. Thank-you
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There is a brake return spring that may be not hooked up or not correctly. Particularly if the problem just started after changing the drive belt. As you sit on the mower it will be on the right side of the rear end. If it is connnected correctly you may be able to make an adjustment.
Using your model#, follow this link put in your model# and view the diagram for "drive". Reference items 22, 23,24 and 25 is where you can adjust.
If you have your owners manual it may well have instructions included in changing the drive belt that will be of help. If you dont have your manual Sears does have it listed as a part for sale (7.29 plus shipping) although I would talk to them and see if they wont supply you with a copy.

Let us know if that gets ya goin.
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Thanks for the info. I went to the web site and checked the parts diagram. I am missing one return spring. Where the rod goes through the brake arm plate. The front spring is there, but the rear one isn't. They had rigged up a spring on the arm to compensate for the missing one. I have ordered the parts and hopefully this will cure it. Thanks for the help, will let you know what happens.
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Good deal thx for the update

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