Briggs engine losing HP & oil


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Briggs engine losing HP & oil

I have an 18-year-old, 3hp Briggs & Stratton lawnmower (Mongtomergy Ward brand). It's consuming oil (not external leaks) and the blade isn't spinning as fast. Any ideas on fixing it? Is it worth the expense and/or time to repair it? (It has a new sparkplug.)
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With it being 18 years old, I would consider getting a newer higher horse power unit and keep that one as a project to rebuild . It would be great learning experience for you.
The reason it could be using oil is because the rings could be very worn and passing the oil into the combustion chamber thus burning(consuming) it.
Just my 2 cents.

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I agree, an engine re-ring job would at least need to be done. It may be worn beyond repair anyway, and a 3hp mower isn't really worth the trouble in my opinion.
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I am trying to imagine what an 18 yr old mower would look like-not sure if I ever seen one with that much milage on it;
I commend your for keeping it going that long; I bet your some of us cant keep our mowers running for 3 years.
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hurrah for Briggs & Stratton engines

The engine is so old it was chipped from a block of flint.
I owe its long life to a small yard and lazy mowing schedule. Nevertheless, it survived with the same spark plug for 18 years. And I ran it on gas that sat all winter. I did change the oil yearly, but only after letting that sit all winter, too. Me bad. B&S engines good.
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I had to retire my 1970? Hahn Eclipse self propelled mower in 1996, because compression dropped below 40 PSI. I was gonna try to rebuild it, but parts were difficult to find for such an old motor and the aluminum/magnesium deck was worth more at the scrap yard than the rest of the mower. My point being that there comes a time when a proper memorial service should be held and the machine be laid to rest

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