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Homelite Trimmer

I have a Homelite Trimmer model GST-18 and the pull starter does not work. It appears that the spring has lost tension because the rope will not recoil all the way back in. I ordered a replacement spring and pulley online, replaced them, and can't seem to get the spring tension correct. I downloaded a copy of the service manual and it explains how to do it but is not very clear. Additionally, my local lawn mower shop tells me that Homelite is out of business and would not even bother repairing it for me. Any help would be appreciated!

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When I do any recoil starter spring install I put the pulley and spring in place (without the rope installed) and start turning the pulley until it can go no further. Once at that point, I will back it off until it meets the recoil rope hole in the housing. Now I can put the rope through and start to let the recoil wind up the rope. Don't forget to put your knot on the pulley end first. As the recoil is winding, about halfway make another knot that you can easily undo. This is so you don't have to fight the rope while you are putting on the starter handle.
Voila....you just did your first starter spring.


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