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Unhappy Strange phenomenon

Here is the dilemma: I have a Craftsman 16HP rider with a Kohler engine that is about 6 years old. There are a couple of problems. First after sitting, the crank case will fill up with gas (not good!). This was remedied by putting an of/off valve in line (bandaid). The strange problem that started this year is that the rider will run great for 20-30 min then start to lose power and will stall if you do not unload the blades (heat related??). When this starts to occur, I found disengaging the blades and letting the mower “stabilize” then re-engaging the blade usually allows me to run again for 5-10 min until the instability occurs again. Once this “instability” starts it will continue periodically until I stop. If the engine cools down it will work again for 20-30 min then the cycle continues. What was tried: New plug, new oil filter, tried running with and without the air filter, checked for blockages in the gas line, no strange droops etc. tried to unscrew the cap when this happens, no major difference.
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The fact that your carb is allowing gas to run through into the crankcase indicates it needs cleaning or rebuilding. The needle is not sealing in the carb when the engine is off and allowing fuel to contaminate your oil. I strongly recommend changing your contaminated oil, as with gas in it, it has greatly reduced lubricating ability. I suspect your engine is also seeing too much fuel when it is running as well and causing your other problems while cutting grass. Running rich reduces power.
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I'll second that. If you have never done a carb recon, or don't feel comfortable doing so, at least pull the carb off, take it (along with all pertinent engine ID #'s) to your local small engine shop and have them do a recon. This should be all you need to back up and running flawlessly.
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Yep, you need to clean the carb. Trash is causing the needle valve to keep from seating.

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