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I have a Coleman 5500 generator. I installed a Carb rebuild kit what is the best way to adjust the carb screws h and l so the engine doesn't back fire or sputter? Also the screw on the bowl.
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First off, the 2 screws are as follows (assuming it's a Tecumseh engine) the one on the side is the low speed screw. It is to be set when the engine is idling. The bottom screw on the bowl is the high speed screw, it is to be set at top RPM.
Start the motor and let it warm up to operating temp, now put it to full throtle and turn the high speed screw in (clockwise ) till the engine starts to run rough or sputter,note this position. Now turn it out (counter clockwise) till the engine starts to run rough or sputter. From this point go to the mid way point between the two settings and this should be your optimum setting for top end.
For the low speed screw, put the engine to idle (approx. 1750 RPM) and adjust that screw the same way as above.


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