Snowthrower Suggestions


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Question Snowthrower Suggestions

Iím new to this forum, but I need help choosing a snowthrower with winter coming. I know what I want I just donít know from whom. I live in St. Louis, MO. We get moderate snowfall (5-8 inches rarely over 10 inches ). I only want to spend around $400. I want a 2 cycle. Electric start or recoil start it doesnít matter much. I donít mind yanking on the string. I donít want a rubber faced auger, because we get ice mixed with snow here. My driveway is just a regular 2 car driveway. If you guys need anymore more info Iíll give it. Thanks.
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Hello jordanstl!

Sorry, I can't help you with snowblower information (I live in the deep south where snow is rare). Hopefully someone else here can give you some advice.
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Sounds like you know just what you need, I dont know much either directly about snow throwers, I am from just the other side of KC from you and I dont recall ever seeing them for sale at Monkey Wards So just make sure what ever you do get, you can get good support for it.
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You're going to have a hard time finding a 2 stage snow blower for under $400.00 unless you get lucky and find one used.

Don't be too quick to rule out a single stage though.
I live in Michigan and along with ample amounts of snow, we get our share of freezing rain and ice.
I have a older Toro CCR 2500 and so far it has munched and spit out everything I put in front of it (including one of those rubber entrance mats that's made of used tires)...
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I have a 15 year old Toro ccr 2000,single stage,2 cycle. 60 ft. double driveway.
The little sucker is like the 'energizer bunny'. I chose it for lightness,ease of manuerving,(didn't want to bang into 4 cars in driveway)
It does have rubber paddles,but i have never considered them to be show stopper. Paid about $500 15 years ago. expensive,but well worth the dependebility and service. I'm in Massachusetts,and we get everything in a typical winter.

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