Fuel Flowing Out of Carb - Why


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Question Fuel Flowing Out of Carb - Why

I have a power washer that's about 3 years old. Went to use it for the first time this year yesterday and I put gas in it and it kept flowing out of the air filter. I took that off and it was coming out of the carb. I called a small repair shop and they told me the float is probably stuck and I'll need to rebuild the carb for $55 plus parts.

Is there an easier fix?

Could I do it myself?


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If its new the float and or needle is most likely just hung up unless there has been water or debris in it or if its a Honda engine.
Without knowing what engine on what pressure washer, I can only guess about your carb, however, it should have a bowl on the bottom of the carb with a bolt in the middle of the under side. Remove the fuel line from the carb and plug it. Remove the bolt and the bowl and you can see your float. Make sure it travels freely. You can reconnect the fuel line and lift on the float to see if fuel stops.

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