chainsaw - no use for 15 years


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chainsaw - no use for 15 years

My neighbor just gave me his old chainsaw - a Homelite 360 W that looks to be in good shape and well taken care of. However, he told me it hasn't run in about 15 years. There's still gas and bar oil in it. Can someone give me advice on what I should do to get it running? At a minimum I plan to flush out the old gas and replace the spark plug. Is there any reason to take it to a saw shop first thing? I don't want to ruin the thing trying to get it going. Also, does anyone know the fuel/oil mixture ratio? Thanks for the help.

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a good carb cleaning is in order, also the mix ratio is 32:1
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Thanks for the info. I've worked with car carbs, but don't know much about small engines. Can I clean it with carb cleaner, or do I need to tear the thing apart? Do you know a good link that might have detailed directions? Thanks.
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check with azis for links or cheese. i would say spray carb cleaner in there, put new oil in it, and put a new plug in it and it should fire. good luck and let us know how it goes.
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If you have done car carburetors, these are no sweat just small. You'd do get to get a kit for it or the diaphram at least if you can find them alone. 15 yrs and I bet the current one tatered. Make note on how the gaskets come apart. As long as there are no plastic parts, (elbows, bushings...) once taken apart I soak them in napa carb cleaner for 20 min or so. Also or if there is plastic rather not removed, spray cleaner will do. Good idea to flush the fuel system tank and hoses. Hoses if that old, may want to replace also.
Really haven't ran accross any instructions on kiting these, pretty straight forward.
Good luck...
Let us know how it goes
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Question New question

Good news - after flushing the carb and tank, and replacing the spark plug, the old saw fired up after about 10 pulls and runs great. Thanks for all the advice.

I have a follow-up question - what is the right way to clean the air filter on a saw like this? I don't think it's an oil bath filter, but it doesn't look like a simple throw-away one either. It's made of cotton or something similar and is pretty thin. I tried blowing it out with compressed air, but that didn't do anything. Soapy water? Thanks for any advice.
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You may be able to wash it in hot soapy water, or mineral spirits, but make sure it is dry when you reinstall it.

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