Sears Craftsman Manual


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Sears Craftsman Manual

I have acquired an old Craftsman mower m/n 502.81370 as a rebuild project. It has a Tecumseh engine that is only labeled 13.5 Cu inch (vertical shaft). I need information on this engine to analyze & adjust it correctly after cleaning the tar and varnish from the carbuerator. has not helped. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Hello: Cando

Some of the info wanted is here:
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143.226262 Use this for the model search for parts diagram and listing at the sears site for your engine.
I didnt dig deep enuff to find out what HP rating your engine is and I dont know CI displacement approximates, however if it is under 11 HP (I beleive it is )here is a complete service manual for it. If not the same principles will apply and have much similar.

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Tecumseh feedback

Sharp & Azis,
Thanks for the feedback, both were of some help. I had been to the Sears site and that thread dead ended. I had also been to the Tecumseh site but did not locate the particular manual (692509) that you provided. That manual appears to have what I was after. I still don't know the exact M/N I have but I think the manual will tell me what I need to know about set up. Maybe I can work backwords and figure out the M/N. Thank you both for your trouble.
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I gave you the model # of your engine, 143.226262, it is a Sears engine made by Tecumseh for Sears.
If you use the sears link I posted, use the model # you posted for the mower, then by looking at the illustrated parts list and the parts listing find that on the "Top Half" diagram item 61 is is "Engine-Sears Model" The part # is 143.226262, which is also the Tecumseh model #. Use this # for model # at the sears link I posted and you can find a parts breakdown of your engine for odering parts from sears or anyone that supplys Tecumseh parts for that matter. The part #'s should be the same. The web pages for the parts listings and diagrams use Java script so you cant link directly to them or save as a file, however you can print them out.
Do you have the metal shroud for the engine? If so the #'s should be stamped on the rectangle end of the shroud, 2 or 3 set of numbers I think, one of which should be 143.226262.
Also that manual is a complete teardown and rebuild service manual, it should have any and all info for the engines covered. If you can save it and burn it to CD, then as you work on a particular part just print off the couple pages you need to have info handy.

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Sears # 143.226262 crosses to a Tecumseh V60 - 70234H. The individual component part numbers at the Sears site are usually Tecumseh numbers. Hope this helps you out.
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Smile New Info

Thanks for the added info. I had no trouble originally finding the Sears parts breakdown, but could not id what the Tecumseh Model was. The shroud has a decal which only says that it is a Craftsman 13.5 cu in engine, not the list of numbers you mentioned. There is a long list of starting instructions but no other engine info. According to the Tecumseh id reference mentioned earlier the Tecumseh number should start with something like TVM 135. Anyway, I will follow your latest inputs and see if that clears things up or not. The Tech manual that you linked to really gave me the setup details I was looking for initially. I was only "interested" in being able to put a definite Tecumseh # to the engine for future reference (maybe parts ordering). The way the engine is running I suspect I need to do a major carb cleaning as it originally had literally tar in the intake gas line to the carb bowl. I suspect one of the carb passages is also clogged. Thanks again for all the help. Glad I found this site.

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