Tecumsce 10 on Coleman Powermate


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Tecumsce 10 on Coleman Powermate

Hello All,
Looking for some help on a coleman generator. I am using more oil than I think is normal. I have contacted coleman and their tech. informed me there can be a consumption of 1 ounce per hour. This seems a lot to me as the unit will try to shutdown on a low oil signal during an overnite run. This makes a good nite sleep difficult during a poweroutage.
I have removed the cylinder head to inspect the cylinder walls. It appears to be in very good condition (this unit is brand new). I was considering replacing the rings , is there any other problem I may be having that would cause this oil usage. It is not smoking at all and would appear to be running perfectly.
Any help? Thanks a Bunch
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Hello Robnik1!

How new is it? What kind of oil are you using (weight)? A new engine shouldn't need rings. If you are using a multi-viscosity oil, then this is likely the problem. Use straight sae30 oil.
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Thank you for the reply,
I am using 30w at the instruct of coleman tech support. I was using 10-30 but changed it to 30. It was better but still would not run thru the nite. I have pulled the head and found very heavy carbon deposits. I believe this was caused by the low oil sender making and breaking, causing the engine die and then come back several times during the nite before I was able to shut it down and refill the oil.
Would running 40 w help? This unit has about 30-50 hours on it. I changed the oil daily during periods of power outage.

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