14 Hp Kawasaki Starting Problem


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14 Hp Kawasaki Starting Problem

Orginally I thought that I had a fuel pump problem but I have replace that as well as replacing the coil and still I am not able to start it. I am getting at least some spark from the plug but not sure how much? I thought the problem was the fuel pump and fixed that and then the coil and fixed that now what?
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Could you give a brief history of what steps you have done to Suspect and then replace 2 usually reliable parts. There could be steps you have missed and ones you have done may or may not need repeated.
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Have you tried putting a bit of fuel into the air intake and see if it will start? If not, and you have a new coil, and the plug is new, then replace the igniter module. Make sure to use an original kawasaki part, as the aftermarket ones (like Deere uses) are not reliable and will fail in months, if not weeks.
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There is a way to eliminate or point to the module before replacing a non-returnable $70+ part.
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14 HP Kawasaki starting problem.

Here is the history on this problem. While idling the engine stops and will not start. When I check to see if it is getting gas I find no gas coming out of the tank into the gas line. After towing the mower to a different spot I recheck and now gas is flowing (the tank is full) but when I check on the other side of the fuel pump I get no gas. After blowing compressed air through all of the lines the gas begins to pump but will not start. It appears to be flooded. I let it sit for a couple of hours and restart it and it fires off and runs for a couple of minutes and dies again and will not restart. I then drain the gas from the tank and with a shop vac completely clean the inside of the tank and put fresh fuel in and still it will not start. I replace the fuel pump and it will still not start. Gas is flowing on both side of the fuel pump and when I check the plug it is wet and I smell gas so I now suspect the ignition. I would appear to be getting no spark at the plug (I see no spark nor to I feel it when I touch it and yes I am grounding it). I now suspect the coil and replace it (making sure it is gapped right). When I feel the plug now I do get a shock (but not as strong a shock as I think I should be getting) but still it will not start and it appears to be flooding again. I replace the plug--no help and yes I check the plugs gap? That brings me to now not having the slightest idea of the hell is going on--help!!!!!!!!!!!
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First off check for spark using a good plug. Connect the high tension lead to the plug and ground the threads of the plug. With all saftey switches made see if spark will jump the gap.
When it would start then die, did it sputter to a stop or just quit like turned off? If the latter by chance does it occur when releasing the clutch or brake?

It sounds to me as you may have a safety switch or more likely, wiring that is going or gone.
You didnt mention what the engine is on, and like I think Cheese, I am assuming it is a John Deere.
One problem area on those are behind the pedestal (the upright part that goes up to the steering wheel and gauges) low next to the frame, there are connectors and a circuit breaker that often corode break or just wear. You should find the area I am talking about as you may have to remove a bail of grass to find the connectors and wire.
On some John Deere, they will start run fine then die when you release the clutch, this indicates a faulty seat switch.
If this gets you know where I can refer to my service manual for some other checks. If you have a small multimeter or can borrow one, even a test lite will work for some tests.

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