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Lightbulb Snowblower Headlight

I have a 5 hp pullstart NOMA snowblower, purchased in 1993, and it works very well. It does not have a headlight, and it does not have an alternator, so I cannot attach an aftermarket headlight kit. I am trying to find a suitable battery operated light or lamp that I can attach (somehow) to the machine for nighttime snowblowing. I need a lamp something like an ATV headlight, or smaller, that will operate on batteries and will adequately light up an area in front of the machine about 8 feet wide and 15 feet deep. I checked the VectorLite products, and they seem to have very bright spotlights, but they may be too focused, much too bright, and I probably need a wider beam. I also need a lamp that will tolerate cold temperatures and some vibration. Does anyone know of such a light accessorie, perhaps a very bright bicycle light that will take the vibration, or something similar??
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I think most SnowMobiles have headlights, perhaps modifiy an assy? Or some 6v headlamps like motorcycles. I personally would not think dry cell battery power hours you are going to require. It would require charging each time however.

Did the headlight kit provide for mounting a battery?
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You can pick up a small floodlight with a housing at farm supply stores for about twenty bucks and use a small deep cycle battery.
You only need to fabricate a secure bracket for the battery and recharge before each use.
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Check on hat lamps, or miner's know, the kind you wear on your head. Should be easy enough to mount.

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