Homebrew muffler for Honda GX160


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Homebrew muffler for Honda GX160

Those of you with the popular Honda GX160 5.5hp engine might be interested in this muffler I made - especially since the OEM muffler (part number 18310-ZF1-000) costs $56! My replacement cost $4 and 30 minutes of my time, so I figure it was worth the effort! I used the existing muffler's header pipe/exhaust port flange by cutting it off right at the muffler body with a chop saw. I also cut off the threaded portion of a generic "5-7hp" replacement muffler from Home Depot ($4) with the chop saw then drilled out the pipe with a Unibit in a drill press so that the header pipe would press-fit into it. I ran a bead around the pipe with a stick welder and voilla: a muffler that does the job on my Emglo compressor with no horsepower loss (tested by measuring the RPM under load before and after) and a quieter, deeper sound. Oh, and did I mention it cost $52 less than the OEM part???

Here's the picture of it:

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Awsome work on that! And I can bet you have gained at least a whole one more horse power doing that too. Good work...
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Thanks for the kind words, Terminator20!

A new muffler for a 16HP Vanguard engine cost $68 - and I wasn't too pleased about that, either - but at least that was for a twin cylinder. There was no way I was going to pay $56 for that rinky-dink Honda muffler!

I'd like to know how the power curve has changed on the engine, but the only good way I can think of to test that would be to drive an alternator with it and apply more and more load to it until the RPMs bog down... Basically, a small engine dynanometer. I may just whip something like that together one of these days with all of the spare v-belts and pulleys I've got laying around here

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