Weed trimmer stops when turned on side


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Question Weed trimmer stops when turned on side

Hi there.
Could you help me on this?
I have a Craftsman, 32cc, 4 cycles.
Yesterday I was trimming around the trees and I turned the machine on one
side, so I could cut a neat line around the trees... but the machine just
stoped and I had a hard time starting it again, and yes I could, but now each
time I turn it on one side... it stops again. I changed the oil and put fresh
gasoline in it but it doesn't help at all. Now, even if I don't turn it on
one of its sides it stops after a while (2 - 5 min). I never abuse the engine and it is about 8 months old.
When I pull the starter cord several times after to pomp the fuel, I can see some little leaking from somewhwre near de carb. Sometimes I have to use the second position on the chock in order to start it.
-Why is doing that?
-What I can do now to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Guz!

Check for a broken fuel line in the tank. If not, you may have carburetor troubles. I am not familiar with that trimmer.
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There's a flexible tube in the fuel tank with a small weight on the end, this keeps the end of the pickup tube in the fuel regardless of position. If the tube as come loose, cracked with age or the weight come loose, then whenever the angle is changed, the end of the tube will be out of the fuel and it will run dry. Starting it back up will be difficult because you have to first refill the carb bowl with fuel before it will run.

That said, check the pickup tube, just look at the tank (most are a semi opaque plastis), if you can see the tube, move the unit around and see if the tube always stays on the bottom.

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