Homelite XL 12 UT 10515A


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Homelite XL 12 UT 10515A

I bought this saw at an auction, don't know if it's any good or not. I want to service it and try to run it. I've never worked on a saw but I suppose I need to:
- clean the carb; can I just put cleaner in the gas/oil mix or should I disassemble and spray it. Any tips on disassembly? What is the proper gas/oil mix?
- clean or replace the air filter
- replace the plug
-sharpen the chain and make sure it's tight.

Is there anything else I should do? Does anyone know where I can find an Owner's Manual?


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You should deffinetly Open it up and spray it really good with Gumout spray and then blow it out with compressed air. When old fuel sits in the carb, it creates a varnish which builds up in the inner workings of the carb. Also check to make sure that the fuel passages are clear of any debre, and make sure there are no cracks in them. Make sure that you drain the old gas and install new gas. Your oil mix ratio should be either 32:1 or 50:1. Check that to make sure. Check your sparkplug to make sure it aint blakend/tard up. If it is, replace with a new plug. After doing this, try to start it! Let us know how it goes.
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I would put some fuel mix in it and try to start it. No point in cleaning the carb if it doesn't need it (although it probably does if it sat unused with fuel in it for a long time). Get it running well before doing the other work, in case you find out that it is no good. Then you won't have wasted your time sharpening, etc... I think 32:1 mixture would be ok.

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