Need chainsaw help (clutch/sprocket)


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Need chainsaw help (clutch/sprocket)

Well I need to get the sprocket and clutch hub off of the crank but the crank keeps spinning.. How can I remove kep the crank from spinning ?
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most any small engine or auto parts store should carry a plug stop. Basically its a teflon or plastic plug you screw into the spark plug hole, rotate the piston until it rests on the stop.
There may also be a special spanner wrench depending on your saw. If there is it may also be possible to use the same points but improvise the tool.
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I was once instucted by John Deere to use an old piece of starter rope. Take out the spark plug and feed about a foot of so in. I just used a small piece if 1/4 inch cord. It work fine and was cheep.

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