5hp tecumseh no spark


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5hp tecumseh no spark

I hope someone on here can help me. I have a craftsman high wheel weed whacker, no spark. I have changed the magento (old was rusted and didn't check out with vom) good plug. It has no other electronics so what can I do now?
Thank you

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So the reason you changed the old mag was because it was rusted or because it provided no spark?
Depending on the model and type of motor, if it's an internal coil (under the flywheel) you may have disturbed the ignition timing and may have to retime the motor or if it's an external coil, you have to have an air gap between the magnets on the flywheel and coil. If either are out by too much, you can experience the no spark condition.
There is also another possibility that you may have a grounding wire shorted out, have you checked for that?
If you can give me more info, it would be appreciated. Plus also the model, type and serial number of the motor.
Let me know.

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5hp tecumseh no spark

model #: 143.985012


external mag only fectronics

air gap is right .0125

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Disconnect the kill wire from the coil and check for spark. If you have spark a safety switch or shorted wire is killing it. If no spark then coil or installation is bad.
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Thanks for the help.


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