Ignition problems with deadman bar


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Ignition problems with deadman bar

ok, we have this tecumshe 4hp 2 cycle engine thats older than 14 yrs old, we have no clue that the serial number is at them moment nut that is not probaly needed,

we have rebulit the engine and were testing for spark, then engine is currently without gas, we have no spark at all, when the deadman bar is pressed down (flywheel brake off) but we do have spark when the deadman bar is released(flywheel brake on) aka, the thingy is reversed(we have no clue that is it called) the "thingy is basicaly a thin wire (about half the size of the wire going to the spark plug), one end is connected to the coil, the other is connected to a white plastic thing and on the other of the white thing is a springy wire loop type thing(thats the thing we dont know what its called ) when the deadman bar is pressed down, the flywheel brake disengages from the the flywheel and touches the springy wire thingy, when the deadman bar is released, it is disconnected and the engine sparkes when the flywheel brake is engaged.

the problem is that we're getting spark when we're not suppost to and vice versa

please help asap, this is a school CTS module, our teacher cannont figure this out either, he has never seen one of theses "thingies"
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Can you just turn the switch around? (the plastic piece with the wire loop). I can't imagine how it would have gotten connected so that it works the way you're describing.
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it only goes in one way, we fixed it, turns out that the springy wire thing was bent out of shape, we bent it back and now it is proper, we "were" testing it but, at first i tested it in the stop position, that passed, then tested it in the run position, but... as a spun the flywheel, my finger got cought by the flywheel and it got jamed into the ignition coil, ripped the skin off... the guy in my group awww, the chick in my group ran away, my friend stood in shock, i said oh sh**, and my teacher said thats not good, had to get rushed to the medicentre... the doctor cleaned it up and bandaged it, we stoped the bleeding so i diddnt need stitches luckly.

anyone else have this story and how they got it healed fast?

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