2 cycle engine help


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2 cycle engine help

Need 2 cycle help for a Weedeater brand Blower. I replaced the fuel line in the gas tank because it cracked, and now i cant get it started again. The primer bulb doesnt seem to work. Everything ran fine before so i am at a loss. I poured gas directly into the carb and it started and ran for a couple seconds and shut off. Any Advice would be appreciated. I hate to take a $100 blower into get fixed.
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You said you installed a new fuel line, probably air in the line. You need to keep pressing the primer bulb untill you see gas forming in the bulb. Then try to start it. Let us know how it goes
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Is there a possibility that he may have the fuel lines reversed? I don't do alot of work on weedeaters but I know I get confused about which goes where. I always make sure I mark the lines before removing.

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I agree that the fuel lines could be crossed. Which line did you repalce? The supply or return, or both?
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Remove the lines from the bulb, press the bulb the side that blows goes to the tank, the side that sucks is connected to the line from the carb, (usually upper line or none if bulb is carb mounted) The filtered line from the tank goes to the bottom of the carb.
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I am positive that i did not reverse the lines since the only line that i removed was the filtered line. It feels like that after i press the bulb once or twice that it doesnt suck anymore.
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If you remove the lines as I mentioned you can test the primer bulb in the same manner. If the bulb works with no lines connected, then one of the lines has a restriction. Most likely the line from the carb to the bulb, with the restriction being in the carb itself.
Cleaning the carb and replacing the diaphram is prolly what you need to do.

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