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log splitter

i have a 28 ton log splitter with 8 hp briggs & stratton (i loaned it out & it came back with cly all the out ) never again it has spark & fuel, good compresion with the choke on it wants to start but act like timing is off & pops back in carb do thay have key way that sheers off like a lownmower i have had it for 10 yr & never had any trouble with it allways star ted 1 or 2 pulls need a little help thank you for your help

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Yes, there is a shear pin between the crank shaft and the flywheel. I looks like a square woodruff key but is made of soft metal that will give way to protect the engine components. Sometimes the pin will only partly shear and that throws the engine timing off. I would try squirting a little gas in the carb first to see if you can get the engine to start. If you can do that then I'd look for a carb and/or fuel system problem. It sure sounds like the engine isn't getting gas. That could be because there's insufficient fuel getting to the carb throat or insufficient air flow through the carb to draw the fuel from the float bowl & vaporize it. Insufficient air flow could be caused by a plugged air filter.
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If you try a bit of gas in the carb as snoman suggests, and it fires, try new fuel, especially since you loaned it out could be contaminated fuel also. Easy n cheap to try.
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